Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, and the Warshington Redskins

I think I can speak for every sane Redskins fan when I say the last 24 hours have felt like being on the other end of a Mike Tyson first round knockout. Two huge haymakers to the chin. First, Donovan McNabb's five-year extension that makes him the FIFTH HIGHEST PAID quarterback in the NFL. Then, of course, the electrifying performance Vick put on, choking the life out of the 'Skins season. I'm still a little speechless because what happened last night was why Vick was placed on this planet. Otherworldly doesn't even begin to describe what viewers were witness to.

(Something should be made very clear, however: the Redskins are not a good football team. At all. And we've historically been killed by athletes like Vick; Brian Westbrook comes to mind. Let's wait until next week's Giants game before we crown his ass.)

Anywho... great job by the Skins for not signing him when we had the chance. I know there are roughly 31 other teams and fanbases who are probably thinking some form of the same thing, but it still hurts. Jason Campbell was obviously never getting a fair shot at success and there was no risk in bringing him in. And I WANTED VICK. Damn. But it's cool though. We got Donovan McNabb!

Donovan McNabb!

Lets be clear here. As much as I despise the Eagles, I've always been a fan of Donovan. He's a great player and he's good peoples. But he's been visibly declining for a couple years, finding new ways to put passes just out of receivers' hands each week. But I was OK with the trade. I wanted to keep Campbell and trade for Brandon Marshall, but hey, Mike Shanahan has Super Bowl rings (remember the last coach we had with rings? That turned out pretty swell).

*Fast forward to November 15th.*

The team is 4-4 coming off a bye week, and McNabb just got benched at the end of a tough loss to the LIONS for REX GROSSMAN because, essentially, he's too dumb and fat to be a better option than REX GROSSMAN. And he's is still finding new ways to put balls frustratingly out of reach of his targets, and we just passed on signing the only player in NFL history who might give McNabb trouble in his quest to overthrow and underthrow every single target he sees. So what's the best plan of action? GIVE THAT MAN A FIVE YEAR DEAL WORTH UPWARDS OF $90 MILLION.


Now look at this, taken from the link:

  1. Sam Bradford: Six years, $78 million, $50 million guaranteed
  2. Tom Brady: Five years, $78.5 million, $48.5 million guaranteed.
  3. Matthew Stafford: Six years, $72 million, $41.75 million guaranteed.
  4. Carson Palmer: Six years, $118.75 million. 
  5. Donovan McNabb: Five years, $78 million, $40 million guaranteed.
  6. Phillip Rivers: Seven years, $98.25 million, $38.15 million guaranteed.
  7. Peyton Manning: Seven years, $98 million, $35.5 million guaranteed
  8. Eli Manning: Seven years, $106.9 million, $35 million guaranteed
  9. Ben Roethlisberger: Eight years, $102 million, $33.2 million guaranteed
  10. Tony Romo: Six years, $67.4 million, $30 million guaranteed.
  11. Matt Ryan: Six years, $66 million, $34.75 million guaranteed.
  12. Mark Sanchez: Five years, $44 million, $28 million guaranteed.
  13. Vince Young: Six years, $58 million, $25.74 million guaranteed.
  14. Matt Schaub: Six years, $48 million, $24.3 guaranteed.
  15. Matt Cassell: Six years, $63 million, $23 million guaranteed.
  16. Jay Cutler: Five years, $49.7 million, $20 million guaranteed. 
  17. Aaron Rodgers: Six years, $65 million, $20 million guaranteed.
  18. Drew Brees: Six years, $60 million, $20 million guaranteed.
  19. David Garrard: Six years, $60 million, $18 million guaranteed.
  20. Brett Favre, One year, $16 million, $4.4 million guaranteed.
Brady is probably the best comparison for McNabb right now. Two months ago, Brady received a new five-year, $78.5 million contract with $48.5 million guaranteed. Brady is 33 years old and has 17 touchdowns and four interceptions this year, with a 64.5 percent completion percentage and a quarterback rating of 98.8, for a 7-2 team. McNabb is 34 years old and has seven touchdowns and eight interceptions this year, with a 57.4 percent completion percentage and a quarterback rating of 76, for a 4-4 team.
However, I almost feel like Buster Douglas after finding out that we could cut or trade him at the end of the year and only be on the hook for $3.75 mil. Hopefully this was just a token apology for the Detroit benching and we let him go, and head into a draft with a few quality QB prospects.

Vick still hasn't gotten his extension either.

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