Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010-2011 NBA Preview - Central Division

Chicago Bulls
Derrick Rose is my MVP dark horse. He tirelessly worked on his jumper in the offseason and has made it a point to be more vocal in the locker room, thus addressing his only two real weaknesses. There were rumors about a Joakim Noah-Carmelo Anthony swap, but I'd like to see a Carlos Boozer-for-'Melo deal happen. Obviously next-to-impossible, but that would make the Bulls MUCH better. Still like this roster a lot, though they really do need someone else who can create shots. Final Record: 53-29

Milwaukee Bucks
Bogut's health worries me. They said he's not gonna be at 100% at all this year. If he were healthy I'd put 'em above Chicago and pretty close to the top of the East. Still, I like this team a lot, for now and especially for the future. People have been trashing the Maggette acquisition but I like it a lot. Brandon Jennings seems to be having ego problems but if he has more games like the one tonight against Boston that'll resolve itself. Final Record: 52-30

Indiana Pacers
Danny Granger is a legit all-star. Now he has Darren Collison running things, which will be a major boost. And ROY HIBBERT. I told people not to laugh last year when I said he was on the rise, and I still have to tell people the same. Not for much longer, though. Final Record: 38-44

Detroit Pistons
Joe Dumars needs to go. The Pistons historically win with grit and toughness. So you go out and spend money on Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon? Don't get me wrong, they're nice players, but neither plays defense and both were overpaid. They should trade Prince and Greg Monroe for Al Jefferson... Final Record: 29-53

Cleveland Cavaliers
How they beat the Celtics, I'll never know. This team is awful. Final Record: 22-60

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